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Thank you for visiting the online home of Balance Wellspace! Our team strives for excellence through superior treatment, education and satisfaction.

I hope you will find this site filled with useful information about our center. Life is about evolving and growth - and Balance Wellspace is no different! We built "Wellspace" in order to provide our community with a "one-stop" resource for health and wellness services. Our vision is to inspire our community to live healthier lives. Chiropractic is still central to our Wellspace and the addition of a day spa and functional fitness training were natural progressions for Balance. We have also added customized nutritional programs designed to address lifestyle behaviors and produce measurable changes in weight, body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels - in fact, many are able to avoid and even get off many medications simply through addressing the lifestyle that contributed to the disease process. Quite frankly - it is life changing and we are so excited to offer our community with such a comprehensive program! Finally, we are VERY excited to announce an expansion of our physical medicine program which will be lead by our newest team member, Caylin Shepard, NP. This expansion means that there will be medical direction to our programs and an ability to combine the best of medicine and chiropractic to better serve our community and patient base. Be sure to check back frequently to learn more about exciting services to help optimize function and overall wellness. Truly, this will enable us to be a truly integrated center - the first of its kind in Roanoke!

As the founder of Balance Wellspace, I sincerely hope that we can help you with any of your health and wellness needs. If you have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoy the information within the site and share it with others. Again, thank you for visiting www.balanceroanoke.com and remember to come back often!

Be Well,

Dr. Jennifer Walker and the Balance Wellspace Team